Trials Frontier
Developer(s) RedLynx
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Platform(s) Android & IOS
Release date(s) 04/10/14
Genre(s) Racing
Rating(s) ☆☆☆☆

Trials Frontier gives RedLynx's best-selling and award-winning Trials series its mobile game debut.

Discover a unique social racing game, featuring a compelling storyline, friendly competition, easy-to-approach physics-based gameplay, and a massive content stream.

Designed for touch-based platforms, Trials Frontier combines the insanely addictive gameplay of Trials with the mobile knowhow of RedLynx, gained through such releases as DrawRace 2 and MotoHeroz.

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Media Edit

Events Edit

Halloween 2014 Edit

Even Halloween

Christmas 2015 Edit


Tips & Secrets Edit

Official Map Guide Edit

Lien map newnew

Outfits: Edit

Last outfit

Bikes: Edit

Category I: Edit

Armadillo Tango Bronco

Category II: Edit

Jackal Mantis Marauder

Category III: Edit

Riptide Berserker Phantom

Specials Bikes: Edit

Donkey Agent


Updates Edit


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